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Alfalfa Hay Cubes

What are hay cubes?

Hay cubes are made by tightly compressing coarsely chopped alfalfa into approximately 1.25 inch squares. Hay cubes maintain all of the nutritional value of bales and can be more easily stored and handled in many situations. They make wonderful, high protein feed for horses and cattle, as well as goats, chinchillas, and elephants.

Why hay cubes?

  • Reduced leaf-loss ensures that your animals get what you pay for.

  • Less dust means easier breathing for you and your animals.

  • Easier to transport, feed, and store.

  • Available in convenient bags or by bulk.
Cube Prices

Alfalfa Hay Bales

What about bales?

Here are a few reasons why some people prefer bales:
  • Sometimes recommended for nervous or bored horses.

  • More long fiber content.

  • Some people just like bales better.
Bale Prices

Our Equine Tri-Mix

Our Tri-Mix bale is a blend of oats, barley and wheat that makes excellent feed for horses and stock animals alike--a great alternative to alfalfa.

Tri-Mix Bale Prices

Bermuda Grass Hay

An economical grass choice for horses or stock.

Bermuda Bale Prices

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